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The warmth is gone
The fires have faded
Nothing but the rain
Everything is cold,
The sun is gone
Only night remains
No guiding light
Everything is dark,
No more questions
No more answers
No more thoughts
Everything is gone,
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Life and Times of a...
Dirt blocks make up the home
Wooden furniture and stone floors
Hearing the animals outside
While making a bed to pass the night
Looking for coal to fuel the furnace
Finally making lights to chase the dark
Iron for making tools
Leather for clothes
No gold to make things shine
Always searching for diamonds
Something to make life easier
Now the monsters join the animals
A long night is to come
But that is the life of a...
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Find Her
Look behind my eyes
What do you see?
The little girl you knew
Is locked up inside
Hiding in her castle
Can you find her?
She knows all the best spots
It could take forever
Are you sure
That you want to keep looking?
And then!
You found her amazing hiding spot
But she isn't there
And out of nowhere
You hear a voice boom...
"Your Princess is in another Castle!"
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Watch Them
Watch what you say,
They can hear you;
Be careful who you see,
They are always watching;
The things that you hear
Might not be for your ears.
They know who you are,
That you watch,
Who you talk to,
Where you go.
And you know Them.
You see Them everyday.
Eat with Them,
Laugh with Them,
Cry with Them,
Sleep with Them.
And They don't like you...
They never did...
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Watch what you say
Who you say it to
Everyone is staring
Their eyes fixed on you.
You have to fight the urge to scream
The urge to run.
Look at them.
Who gave them the right to stare and judge you?
Yell at them.
Storm out.
They don't know you!
Maybe it's time to show them.
Maybe it's time to get them to stop watching you...
Judging you...
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One Thing
Tears of Love
They drip red down my face
I'm crying
But I don't know it yet
Everything hurts
But I don't know why
I'm on the corner
Feelings are lost
As is will
As is life
I pray it's a dream
But I don't know it's futile
Regret is all I have left
My body is gone
My mind is no more
I am nothing
And I only wanted one thing...
:iconpapercoversblood:papercoversblood 1 0
Everything and Nothing
To be loved
To be everything
Yet to be...
It is everything
And it is nothing...
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August Desktop by papercoversblood August Desktop :iconpapercoversblood:papercoversblood 0 0 pcb by papercoversblood pcb :iconpapercoversblood:papercoversblood 0 0 my ID by papercoversblood my ID :iconpapercoversblood:papercoversblood 0 0
A School Shooting Story-Part 2
All she had were her thoughts, but they were unpleasant. She kept remembering the friends she once had, the one she once loved. Painless had no idea what she was going to do next. She stretched , trying to work the sleep out of her limbs so she could stand. Once that task was accomplished, she stood up and peeked out the door to see if anyone was there. She really had to go to the bathroom. And somehow, she managed to sneak in there.
She didn't dare flush incase someone heard. She also had to be careful leaving. Again, she peeked out the door to make sure no one was there. Once she was sure the halls were empty, she made a run for the end of the math hall. Somehow, she managed to get to the end of the hall, down the stairs and outside without being seen. But she didn't know where to go next.
Painless looked over at the railroad tracks and ran for them. She didn't think she would make it. She had been sick for a while and had lost quite a bit of weight. Her legs felt tired as she climbe
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A School Shooting Story-Part 1
She sat at the top of the stairs, crying. It was still warm and she thought she could see some smoke coming from it. The annoying buzz from the alarm made her cry harder.
What is wrong with me?
Everything, sweetheart. That's why we're not here. That's why I never loved you.
No…no, you're lying!!!
I never lie, that's why you're crying.
"Shut up! Just shut up," she screamed. The voice wouldn't go away, it was always there. It hurt even more to hear her voice yelling at the one inside her head. Just having the voice in her head hurt. It sounded exactly like…
        The one that never loved you.
You're wrong! He did love me…once. The word echoed in her head. Her mind would not let her forget what she had done.
I can't even remember my name.
It laughed at her. I don't blame you. After what you've done, I'd forget you.
But I have…had so many. Which one is mine?
All of them. But how shou
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No Emoticon
We sit online
And talk for hours
Just about us
And maybe flowers
About our love
A love that's true
About the sky
That is so blue
Or maybe just nothing
That may be all
As I sit by the phone
Awaiting your call
I know it won't come
But I can still hope
That we'll soon be together
Though it may be a "nope"
Our bonds of True Love
They may soon be gone
What our love doesn't have
Is one good emoticon
:iconpapercoversblood:papercoversblood 1 1
Mature content
A Thousand More :iconpapercoversblood:papercoversblood 0 0
Mature content
Because Of You :iconpapercoversblood:papercoversblood 0 0
First Kiss
You draw nearer and nearer
I feel your warm breath on my face
You rest your hand behind my neck
To keep my head in place
You place your lips on mine
And our hearts beat as one
This moment can never be broken
Can never be undone
Our embrace seems forever
But soon we break apart
My love for you, you've always had
And always owned my heart
You wrap your arms around me
You gave me my first kiss
I will cherish this moment forever
A moment I'll never miss
:iconpapercoversblood:papercoversblood 1 1

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I write. A lot. I used to do a lot of photography. While that has dies down, I plan to do more of it in the future. If you have any questions, I am but a mere click away.

Current Residence: Stratford, Ontario, Canada
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Oh deary me!

I've uploaded quite a few poems today. They've all been sitting around unpublished for a while and I just needed to get them out there. There are some short story type things I want to post up eventually, but I also have some stuff on my livejournal that I might bring over.

I will say this though! There is a story I'm working on that I really want to publish here. The working title is "Watching Eyes" and I'm writing it in small installments with small little sketches to go with the page of written work. That may be hard to work in, but I'm going to do my best.

On the other side of things, I have a lot of scraps of work that I've never gotten around to finishing. I might post those as well to allow myself more option for ideas of where to take them. That, or allow people to expand on those ideas and maybe make a great piece out of it!

But that is for another time. I'm rather sleepy and my brain needs some rest.

Until next time kidlings <3 love you all!
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